Venu "Flute Of Krishna"

By Mahiruha

Simplicity was your staff,
And consecration your robe
And humility your simple crown-
Unseen by most, but felt by all-
We cherish your opal-heart,
An opal so pure, so rare,
Not all the suns of the universe
Could pool their savings
To buy
A jewel
Half so rich as you.
We have lost your body,
But you have left behind your
For us to share, to delight in
And to cherish forever.
Not even in Heaven
Can be found
Such unparalleled treasure.
You gave yourself to God
As a straight, simple flute.
And God gives us memories of your life
Redolent with jasmine,
And pine.
May many seekers learn from you
How to carve their aspiration
Into beautiful, untiring
Fit to shape and sound
The flowing utterances of our Father,
The musical God.

14 July 2013